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Gulfstream G-V: N565JT

The consistent performance and stately grandeur of the G-V make it the premier private jet in its class.  Four distinct living areas in the luxurious and spacious cabin allow members of your party to simultaneously work and relax.  The incorporation of state-of-the-art equipment and ground-breaking safety features assure top performance as well as a timely and secure arrival at any destination you choose within its 7,480 mile range.  World renowned for its safety and opulence, the G-V will never disappoint when selecting an ultra-long-range private jet.

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  Range (NM) 7480
  Passengers 17
  Interior Dimensions Height 6' 2, Width 7' 4, Length 50' 1
  Luggage Capacity (CFT) 226


Full Galley
Entertainment System
Satellite Phone
Gogo Wi-Fi
Cabin Attendant
USB Chargers  



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