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Your safe travel is our primary concern. At Hawthorne Global Aviation Services, quality and safety are always our priority.

  • We have benefitted from our continuing participation in third-party audits. Wyvern awarded us Wyvern Wingman status, recognizing our compliance with the Wyvern Standard, an industry leading level of operation that is a requirement to fly for such corporations as General Electric and JPMorgan Chase. ExcelAire has been a Wyvern Wingman operator for more than a decade.

  • SH&E, a leading aviation safety consultant routinely audits ExcelAire to evaluate our flight and ground safety. This is part of a voluntary program with our insurance underwriters.

  • ExcelAire has also recently achieved ARG/US Platinum status. Similar to the Wyvern standard, the Aviation Research Group (ARG/US) hold operators to a much higher standard than required by the FAA.

  • Our first class airframe and avionics capabilities are ready to serve you. An FAA Approved Repair Station since 1985, we perform 98% of our own fleet maintenance in-house with an experienced technician team and have 24/7 availability.


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